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Expenses Explained

Expenses Explained

As a Ducas employee the best way to ensure you are able to maximise your income is to regularly submit claims for your work-related expenses.

The type of expenses that you are allowed to claim has been restricted by Government Legislation starting from 6th April 2016

Provided we receive your claims form by no later than 5pm on Tuesday, we will ensure that your expenses are processed and delivered with your next payment. You can now submit your expenses on line, log in details have been sent to your email address or mobile phone.

There are a number of expenses that you can legitimately claim each week. They are:

  • Business mileage in your own vehicle, including travel to and from a temporary workplace. Mileage is claimed at 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles and 25p thereafter. There are reduced rates for carrying passengers and for travel by motor cycle or by pedal bike.
  • Training Courses which relate to your work.
  • The cost of an eye test for VDU users.
  • Incidental overnight expenses.
  • Parking
  • Bus fares
  • Homeworking expenses (£4 per week).

Other expenses need to be claimed at the end of the year - please keep your receipts.

  • Business related travel by other public transport.
  • Overnight accommodation if staying away from home and related meals and incidental expenses.
  • The reasonable cost of subsistence when working at a temporary workplace.
  • Membership of an approved Professional Body.
  • Work related telephone calls.  (Must be itemised on a telephone bill, we cannot allow claims for top up cards).
  • Equipment purchases which are related to your work (subject to HMRC rules)
  • Uniform, safety equipment and work clothing.

All expenses claimed must be submitted on the correct claim form which must be signed by you and supported by the appropriate receipts, alternatively, you can submit them yourself on line. Expense claims that are not completed correctly will not be processed.

Expenses are paid to you instead of wages and are not subject to tax or National Insurance, they are not paid in addition to wages.

We will assist you to claim end of year expenses on a form P87 at the end of the tax year.

We take our lead from you

Working with your personal account manager you can tailor make a package depending on exactly what your business requires- if you want us to handle all your financial affairs that’s no problem, but if you just want a helping hand with your tax return, that’s fine too.

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